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Frequently Asked Questions

Free delivery. Regardless of order size, but valid ONLY for standard products and when ordering ONLY in the e-shop

*For more information on how to return the mirror, see the „Payment and Returns” page.

You can buy an LED mirror with an optional heating element, which allows you to enjoy a bright view in the mirror while drying the rusty surface.
The heating element provides additional comfort and is particularly useful and recommended for bathrooms.

Each product comes with an installation manual with detailed instructions for hanging the mirror. The LED wall mirror is mounted on the wall by drilling holes in the wall and screwing in special plates on which the mirror and the supporting suspension profile hang. The mirror can be slid sideways and centred. Instructions for hanging the mirror can be found here.

This is a convenient way to switch the mirror light on/off without touching the mirror and to protect its surface from dirt.

With a wave of the hand about 5-10 cm from the sensor, you can switch it on.

*For the sensor to work properly, there should be no obstacles such as walls, sinks, etc. within ~20 cm of the sensor.