Collect your items free of charge from our warehouse in Kaunas located at: Varniai str. 46A, LT-48403, 8 695 79973
On working days: 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday/Sunday: closed

Delivery terms and conditions:

  1. If a holiday date occurs during the execution of your order, or an emergency has been announced, the delivery time may increase.
  2. Before arriving, the courier will inform you by a call or an instant message (SMS) of the planned delivery time.
  3. The goods can be accepted/collected only by the person who has carried out the order, or by the person indicated on the order form. When accepting/collecting the goods, it is necessary to have a personal identification document (ID card, passport, driver’s licence). The courier will ask you to provide such a document.
  4. At the time of the delivery, you must check the condition of the parcel. If you are dissatisfied with the condition of the goods, you have the right not to sign the bill of lading and to return the goods. Once you have signed the bill of lading, we do not take responsibility for the condition of the goods, i.e. external damage (if it is not a factory defect) and defects in the set-up.
  5. The delivery terms specified in the Product Description (20 calendar days) are preliminary. The delivery period starts from the day of the payment for the goods (conclusion of the Sale and Purchase Agreement). The seller shall deliver the goods to the Customer in accordance with the time limits specified in the order confirmation. The delivery terms shall not apply in cases where the Customer has been informed about a shortage of the goods he has ordered. By approving these Rules, the Customer agrees that in exceptional cases, the delivery of the goods may be delayed. In this case, the Seller undertakes to immediately contact the Customer and agree to the terms and conditions for the delivery of the goods. If the Seller does not deliver the goods within the time limit set in the order for the goods, and the Parties do not agree on an additional time limit for the delivery of the goods, the Customer may withdraw the Sale and Purchase Agreement for the goods or services.
  6. During the delivery of the goods to the Customer, the Customer must, together with the courier, and in the case of a physical withdrawal of the goods in the Store together with the employee, check the condition of the consignment and the product(s) and sign the transfer/acceptance document. Upon the signature by the Customer of the transfer/acceptance document, the goods shall be deemed to have been transferred in an appropriate condition, without any irregularity the origin of which is attributable to a non-factory defect, and there are no inconsistencies in the product/set-up. Having noticed that the packaging of the presented goods has been damaged (damaged, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the product(s) is damaged and/or the product(s) are inadequate, the Customer must indicate this in the transfer/acceptance document in the presence of the courier, and in the case of a physical withdrawal of the goods in the Store, the employee must draw up a free form act of the shipment and/or product(s) violation/non-compliance. If the Customer fails to perform these actions, the Seller shall be exempt from liability for damages to the goods, when the cause of such violations is not a factory defect and due to the lack of conformity of the goods, only if these discrepancies can be determined during the external inspection of the goods.

Price of the goods and terms of payment:

The prices of goods in shall be expressed in euros, including the level of VAT in force at that time and other taxes, if applicable.

The Customer may purchase all goods on the Website 7 (seven) days a week, 24 (twenty four) hours a day.

Delivery prices and additional accessories are not included in the initial (basic) price of the product; instead, the prices of the delivery and accessories are added (put together) to the basic price of the product when the Customer has chosen them.

The Customer may pay for the ordered goods in one of the following ways:

When you order LED mirror in the Glass studio located in Kaunas, you can pay for the items immediately by a payment in cash.

Payment card
For your convenience, we offer paying for goods with a payment card. In this way, you may pay for the goods immediately. Once the card data is entered, you will be directed to the bank page that has been issued to your card for the security code entry required to verify your identity.  If your payment is not confirmed, please contact the bank that has issued your card.

For registered PayPal users, you can pay for items in this system by entering your email address and password.

If the Customer chooses to pay by a payment card or the PayPal system, he undertakes to pay the full amount for the goods immediately, as it is only upon receipt of the payment that the order for the goods shall be confirmed.

By approving the Rules, the Customer agrees that the purchase documents of the goods – VAT invoices, which are also warranty documents applicable to the goods – may be submitted to him by physical means together with the goods, or electronically to the e-mail address indicated in the Customer’s registration form, immediately after the completion of the order.