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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When choosing a mirror with LED lighting, we recommend focussing on the most important aspects to determine your choice.

    The room or space in which the LED mirror will be hung is a key factor, which dictates the next choices of the interior details.
    A bathroom requires a smaller, well-lit mirror, while you can choose mirrors of bolder and larger shapes for a hall or a spacious room.

    Type of lighting: front or rear. If you want the mirror to perform a direct function and be an additional source of light in the room, we recommend choosing a mirror with the front lighting. LED lighting spreads outward through the faded area in the facade part of the mirror; thus, the person who is using the mirror receives the maximum amount of light.
    For bathrooms, beauty salons and make-up rooms, we recommend choosing mirrors with front lighting.
    However, if the mirror will only be an interior accent in the room and the lighting will perform a decorative function, we recommend to choosing mirror with rear LED lighting.
    LED strips are mounted behind the mirror, on the back, so the light spreads around the sides of the mirror creating a warm impression. We recommend choosing rear light mirrors for larger spaces.

    Size is one of the most important criteria when choosing a mirror. This depends on the size of the wall on which you intend to hang the mirror to achieve the right visual ratio.
    If you want to create an impressive and an effective image, choose a mirror with larger dimensions. But if the mirror will only be an accent of the interior, a mirror with smaller dimensions is the best fit, as it allows attention to be paid to other details.

    The shape of the mirror is particularly important: in order to achieve a traditional, classical image in an interior, we offer to a choice of rectangular or square shapes, as well as eye-catching LED mirrors in round or oval shapes.
    Unconventional and irregularly-shaped mirrors can give create a distinctive interior and become an eye-catching accent.

    In our shop, you can buy a LED mirror with optional extra – a heated mat, which allows you to enjoy a bright view of the mirror by drying the surface.
    The heating mat provides extra functionality and is especially recommended for use in bathrooms.

    Each product is supplied with a mounting manual and detailed instructions for hanging the mirror.
    The LED mirror is mounted on the wall by drilling holes into the wall and screwing special plates, on which a mirror with a supporting suspension profile is mounted.
    The mirror can be pushed sideways or centred.

    Standard LED mirrors with rear lighting are provided with a 6 W LED strip, while those with front lighting are provided with a 12 W strip.

    According to your preferences, we can also select LED strips with different power capacities.