MirrorsLED is an online shop offering its customers a wide range of mirrors with LED lighting, and providing excellent customer service tailored to your individual needs and wishes, without needing to take a step away from your home. 

Our LED mirrors could become modern and expressive home interior accents in your bathroom, in a variety of shapes, sizes, lights and styles. A mirror can increase the sense of space in a narrow corridor or dressing room, or will become an elegant, eye-catching detail in a living room. Here, you can buy round, square, rectangular or non-standard mirrors with front or rear LED lighting. The LED lights that attach to the mirror are energy-saving and provide pleasant illumination in any room. LED mirrors not only provide practical and functional features, but also add an aesthetic and decorative element to your interior

On request, you can also purchase a heated mat which will prevent your mirror from being covered by mist and will provide additional functionality in a bathroom or other wet room. With the motion sensor, you will be able to turn the mirror’s lighting on/off without touching the mirror, which will protect its surface from dirt. Coloured RGB lighting allows you to set the desired colour of the mirror’s lighting to create an appropriate mood in the room. If the right option is not found, we will design and produce a LED mirror according to any special dimensions and your preferences

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The online shop for LED mirrors – MirrorsLED

Stiklita has maintained this slogan for a number of years, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our range of services and their quality. To further this slogan, we have developed the MirrorsLED website with the aim to provide even more opportunities for our customers, by increasing our product range and enriching our highest quality services and products.

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The LED mirror is a modern and stylish accent for your bathroom, a perfect solution to increase the sense of space in your narrow hallway or closet, and an elegant, eye-catching detail in your living room. At the MirrorsLED online shop you can buy round, square, rectangular or non-standard mirrors with front or rear LED lighting.
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If you have not found the right fit in our range of LED mirrors, we will design and produce a mirror according to your wishes!